About SoXpress

Soxpress (derived from Social Expression) is a movement with the simple goal of helping people connect, share and celebrate life’s special events. We create, design, manufacture and sell innovative social expression products that share positive and uplifting messages. Our products celebrate life’s special occasions, events, seasons and causes, as well as assist organizations advertise, promote, connect and communicate with their fans.

We believe in the power of positive social expression whether you are an individual, small business, cause-driven organization, sports team, religious organization or even a political movement.

Our Decals:

3 simple steps:

  1. Peel away and discard the clear protective sheet and firmly place the decal picture side down onto the clean dry surface.
  2. Use a wet sponge or wet paper towel to apply water to the back of the paper. For best results make sure you have applied water evenly to the whole paper surface with no visible dry spots.
  3. After about 30 seconds the damp paper can be peeled off the surface, leaving the design on the surface.

The advantage of the Soxpress erasable sticker is not only that is produces high quality designs but that the media is temporary and can be easily washed off the surface without leaving any glue residue that other stickers or tape do.

Current Products:

  • Birthdays: Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy, Birthday Princess
  • Love & Romance: I Love You, Happy Valentines
  • Religion: Easter-He Is Risen
  • Graduation: Congratulations, We Are Proud of You
  • Weddings: Just Married
Special Orders:

Let us partner with you on your next campaign, and you will immediately set your organization apart from the crowd.

Whatever your organizations individual needs, we are excited to work with you on your one of a kind custom orders. We are all about positive social expression so contact us and let us help you get your message out there. Whether you are a cause driven organization, small business, election campaign, sports teams etc. we can help you connect with your audience.

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